Aqua Caliente

Aqua Caliente is a wildlife sanctuary located in the center of Toledo District of Belize. Set on 5,492 acres of lowland, Aqua Caliente boasts three lagoons, limestone hills, two hot springs, broadleaf forests and marshlands. It has beautiful broadwalks and trails, but can also be explored from water via canoing. Aqua Caliente National Park is considered critical for the protection of biodiversity in Belize. Aqua Caliente is called so because it protects wetland areas that feature lagoons and hot springs connected by creeks. The lagoons and limestone hills are home to many species of birds, animals, and other wildlife. That's why this area is considered a nature lover's paradise. Besides wildlife watching, you can do and see many unique things while here in Aqua Caliente.

Things to do and see in Aqua Caliente

Tourist Attractions: Aqua Caliente is located just 30 minutes north of Punta Gorda. You can easily visit this wildlife sanctuary if you are in Punta Gorda. Start your adventurous trip to Aqua Caliente with the exploration of Aguacaliente Lagoon which is located near Laguna Village. Reach here on board your own private boat charter and ask your guide to take you to the lagoon. It takes about two hours from the village to reach this lagoon. The hike is strenuous, but it is definitely worth it. During your hike to the Aguacaliente Lagoon, you will see turtles, fish egrets and herons while flocks of ibis and woodstork roost atop the creekside vegetation. Kingfishers also continuously fly above the water, and the mangrove surrounding the lagoon is alive with warblers and flycatchers. You will be amazed to see the lagoon filled with birds feeding on fish and jumping over the water surface making it look like rainfall on water. Visit Uxbenka which is one of the five major Mayan sites in Belize. It is a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican urban settlement where you can expect to find a small ceremonial spot, six structures, seven carved stellas and 13 uncarved stellas. There are four lodges/guest houses near Uxbenka, so you can plan to stay here for one day if you wish to explore and learn more about this Mayan site. Located one mile from, Laguna Village, Laguna Cave is a place with historical and archeological significance. The Laguna Cave is filled with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites along with a deep slope and a wooden ladder. This place is a nature lover's paradise with mystery everywhere. Hokeb Ha Cave and Tiger Cave are located near Laguna Cave, so you can also consider going there for more fun and adventure. Explore the softer side of Belize at Toledo Botanical Arboretum. This Arboretum boasts over 55 types of trees, and many flowers are also grown on site. Lubaantun is a recommended site for tourists exploring Belize. You can expect to see pottery, maps, ceramic figurines and much more. For easy access to Lubaantun and Botanical Arboretum, you can choose to stay in Back-a-Bush Guesthouse, Sun Creek Lodge, or the Farm Inn.

Adventurous Activities: Wildlife watching is the best activity that can be enjoyed by visitors at Aqua Caliente Wildlife Sanctuary. The lagoons of this sanctuary are home to hundreds of waterfowl, such as jabiru storks, sandpipers, great blue herons, little blue herons, tri-colored herons, stilts, whistling ducks, and wood storks to name a few. You will get a taste of unmatched natural beauty of Belize when exploring the village of Laguna. The nearby lagoons and creeks are an absolute must see for birders, naturalists, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Immerse yourself into the Mayan culture at any of the three villages of Big Falls, Laguna and Blue Creek. The forest and savanna areas of the Agua Caliente provide habitat for a wide variety of animals such as black howler monkeys, white-tailed deer, kinkajous, and endangered tapirs and jaguar. If wildlife watching isn't your thing, then you should consider taking a hiking trip to see the lagoons of Aqua Caliente. On your way to the lagoons, you will see bright green grasses, clear waters, hills, and mountains flocked by birds and animals. Try some caving as there are several caves that lie in the hills behind Laguna Village. Line fishing is allowed in the sanctuary as there are an abundance of fish species available here which contribute to the diverse birdlife. There are 10 communities that protect the Aqua Caliente Wildlife Sanctuary. All of them offer some form of cultural activities to enjoy for tourists.

Dining and Shopping: If the time you spend visiting the wildlife sanctuary leaves your stomach growling, don't worry, you'll find numerous lunch and dinner options near this sanctuary. Golden Restaurant is a great option for Sanctuary and Arboretum visitors. Ex-Servicemen's Bar and Waluco Bar and Restaurant offer Latin American food, and so you will have an opportunity to enjoy the local foods and culture of Belize. If you are looking for a variety of cuisines to taste on your Belize adventure, then come to Punta Gorda for more dining options. For Latin America cuisine, visit Grace's, Asha's Culture Kitchen, Mangrove Inn at Casa Bonita, and Snack Shack. For enjoying fresh seafood, Earth Runnins Cafe and Bakut Bar is the place to be. Bamboo Chicken restaurant is the only place where you will find pure American foods. There aren’t many shopping options available in Aqua Caliente, but you can ask local people for some fresh fruits and homemade foods.

Day Trips: You can visit Jacinto Creek Belize located in the Toledo District of Southern Belize. Here the lush tropical jungle is full of howler monkeys, tapir, jaguar, deer and more. You will spot over 60 different varieties of birds. Kayak the Jacinto Creek or take an overnight river expedition on the Moho River. Take a multi-day trip to Livingston or Rio Dulce area in Guatemala, located just south of Belize. You can even include diving excursios in your charter itinerary. Discover the underwater world of Belize while diving the south coast of Placencia, Gladden Spit Cay, Silk Caye, and Laughing Bird Caye National Park. You can even extend your trip to include Great Blue Hole, Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Ambergris Caye.

Aqua Caliente is an adventurer's ideal vacation spot and nature lover's paradise. Get to this beautiful wildlife sanctuary from Punta Gorda or other Belizean south coastal towns on board your own private yacht rental. At Belize Yacht Charters, we provide luxury yachts for charter in Belize and other surrounding destinations. We can customize your yacht charter to include the Southern Coast of Belize and Aqua Caliente Wildlife Sanctuary. Check out our fleet of yachts by clicking on the link provided here. TO learn more about our yacht charters or if you want to book your own private boat charter, simply call or email us, and we will assist you with the rest.

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