Biotopo Chocon Machacus

The 17,790-acre Machacas Chocón biotope is a wonderful protected nature reserve located to the east of Guatemala in the town of Livingston. It was declared a protected area in 1989 with the aim to preserve the endangered Caribbean manatee, forests and basins of the Chocón river. The part of this river meets with the Rio Dulce River in the part called the El Golfete. This area where two rivers meet features diverse marine life and lacustrine. Some of the creeks of Machacas Chocón biotope boast thick forests where you will find giant mahogany and mangrove trees hanging over the water to form tunnels. There is a tiny island in the middle of the biotope surrounded by creeks and lagoons. It has a 1-km long nature trail that can be accessed directly from your boat. This small island features old-growth trees, along with exotic plants such as orchids and bromeliads. The only way to get to Machacas Chocón reserve is through a 45-minute boat ride from the Rio Dulce river or Livingston.

Biotopo Chocon Machacus and its Natural Attractions
Biotope Chocón Machaca is the area of the bed of the Chocón River, which is part of the National Park of Rio Dulce. Here you will find 30 different mammals, reptiles and nearly 100 species of fish. You will find diversity of flora and fauna; the most common animal species to be spotted here include tigrillo, white-tailed deer, tapir, turtles, sometimes jaguar. Bird lovers will enjoy the different species of birds found here, including king zope, falcon and toucan. On the small island in Chocón Machaca, you will find 12-30 meters tall vriadostamaños trees, chicozapote, Santa Maria, the zapotón, palms, ferns and mangroves. On your tour to Biotope Chocón Machaca, do include these special points of interest in your travels:
1) La Roca Limestone forms a good part of the terrestrial mantle of the site.
2) Caoba Vieja (mahogany) trees are 80 to 100 years old. You will love the scenery where these old trees are found.
3) Zompopos insect forms colonies in the form of cones and sometimes reach large dimensions.
4) El Bosque San Juan trees are also found here that are more than 35 years old and can reach up to 100 feet.

Nearby Tourist Attractions
• Lago Izabal is the largest lake in Guatemala, which is surrounded by beautiful beaches and boasts exuberant vegetation that offers each visitor a grand panorama. Boating excursions on the various streams and waterways are also a great adventure.
• San Felipe Castle located in the shore of Lake Izabal was used as a first line of defense against mainly British pirates from entering Guatemala’s Atlantic coast.
• Explore Livingston town which is accessible only by boat. This town is known for its brightly colored houses, reggae melodies and fishing activity.
• Take a one hour boat ride from the Rio Dulce river to reach Finca El Paraiso where you can rent horses and take a ride through a private cattle ranch.
• Biotopo del Quetzal is one of seven protected habitats for the endangered quetzal. It also boasts cloud forest, waterfalls and steep but hilly terrain.
• Rio Dulce National Park is a nature reserve with walls covered with tropical vegetation, sea birds, manatees and crocodiles, among others. You will also find willow and white poplar, along with other dense bushes here.
• Punta de Manabique is a wildlife reserve located close to the Caribbean sea. It has a lot of palm trees and beautiful scenery.
• Bocas del Polochic is another wildlife reserve located at the delta shore of Polochic River. You will find underwater rivers, small rivers, forests, and a lot of flora and fauna here.
• Punta de Palma is a beautiful beach located close to the sea with easy access from Puerto Barrios.
• Santo Tomas Bay is part of Amatique Bay at the end of San Gil Mountain. It features the Poza Azul Lagoon and the refreshing waters from Las Escobas River.
• Siete Altares is a group of natural lagoons created by a wild river; just close to the Caribbean Sea but boast amazingly fresh waters.
• Just a short distance from Rio Dulce town, Quiriguá is located in the lower valley of the Río Motagua. It is the ancient Mayan ruin site in Guatemala, where you will see a central plaza, a ball court, an acropolis, and many zoomorphic figures.
• Other tourist attractions located nearby Machacas Chocón biotope include Sarstún River Scenic Route, Río Las Escobas, Cerro San Gil – Rainforest Reserve, and Amatique Bay.

Adventurous Activities in and around Chocón biotope
Boating, fishing, diving, kayaking and more, the waters surrounding this reserve along with Lake Izabal and the Rio Dulce River provide good opportunities for adventure seekers. Enjoy a scenic boat or kayak ride on Lake Izabal, the canyons, canals, rivers and of course the Caribbean sea. Day sailing in the sheltered waters of Rio Dulce is perfect for beginners. Lake Izabal also provides fabulous opportunities for scuba diving, and the most pristine Belizean cays are located just a few hours away by boat. Canoeing and windsurfing are other favorite activities among visitors to Rio Dulce and Livingston. If you are planning to go to the Caribbean side of Guatemala for a diving excursion, you may spot Nassau grouper, Gray angelfish, eels, sea fans, gorgonians, Loggerhead turtle, Queen angelfish, lobster, stone crab, and more. Fishing is a popular activity on the Rio Dulce town and Livingston. You can expect to catch snook, perch, river bass, catfish and other fish species.

Dining and Shopping Options near Chocón biotope
Chocón biotope does not currently have any dining and shopping options. Rio Dulce town has some good restaurant options such as Restaurante Ranchon Mary, Bruno's, Sun Dog Cafe, Hacienda Tijax Hotel y Marina, Restaurante Delicias del Rio, Casa Nostra, El Malecon, Bug Mama, Restaurante Margoth, Linda Vista Hotel & Restaurante, Restaurante Río Bravo, Hotel Kangaroo, Banana Palms Hotel, Resort & Marina, among others. In Rio Dulce and Puerto Barrios, there is supermarket named Despensa Familiar. Other small stores in Rio Dulce include Comercial W & L, Agromar, Tienda Roa, Pintorsa, and Zapateria eltigre to name a few. In Livingston, there are many boutique shops where you can buy lots of locally made items.

Day Trips from Machacas Chocón biotope
Once you are done exploring the Rio Dulce River and town, Livingston, and other nearby sites from Chocón biotope, you can take your private yacht charter to Belizean cayes and atolls. If you are seeking an adventurous getaway, there is so much to do in Placencia and Punta Gorda where you can enjoy dive sites, beaches, outdoor adventures and so much more. Don't forget to take your private yacht charter to the Turneffe Atoll, Glover's Reef and Lighthouse Reef for an amazing experience.

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