Bluefield Range

Surrounded by beautiful Central American jungles and astonishing Caribbean Sea, Belize is packed with adventures, beauty, and culture. With half a mile of coastline, Belize has numerous cayes and islands. Set some 21 miles away from Belize City, there is a fertile coastal island with mangrove swamps – Bluefield Range. Bluefield Range is little more than 1.5 acres in area and is located less than 7 minutes away from the Great Barrier Reef. This alluring island features three Caye Ranges that boast natural lagoons and marina just off the shore. This precious little piece of island is perfect for those who wish to be close to nature and spend some peaceful time aboard their own private yacht charter in Belize. Here's what you can do in Bluefield Range during your vacation in the ravishing Belize.

Visit Cays nearby Bluefield Range: Just imagine enjoying the natural view while on your hammock on a deserted beach! Daydream a little because there are numerous beautiful cays that are near the Bluefield Range. The most amazing cay is the 1400 square feet Rendezvous Caye. It boasts access to some of Belize’s most pristine reef formations and marine life. Here you can enjoy a fun-filled day of snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. Tobacco & Colsen Cays are beautiful mangrove islands with a maze of lagoons and complete with kamikaze pelicans, manatees & plenty of marine species. Alligator Cay is just 8 km away from Bluefield Range and has a lagoon with mangroves and other small trees in a pristine natural state. If you are looking to explore more about what this mangrove island has in store for you, then take a private yacht, boat or catamaran charter to other nearby cays including Middle Long Cay, Negro Head, Samphire Spot, Simmonds Cay, Skiff Sand, English Cay, Spanish Cay, Goff's Cay, and Water Cay among others.

Diving and Snorkeling: In a country filled with exceptional dive sites, Bluefield Range is a terrific starting point when it comes to diving and snorkeling excursions. It is closest to the Great Barrier Reef of Belize. Along all 190 miles of the coastline, the Barrier Reef stretches north to south, providing divers with countless opportunities to explore. The Belize Barrier Reef is comprised of 36 soft coral species, 70 hard coral species and 500 species of fish, from tiny tropicals to reef sharks and turtles. The diverse submarine seascape with patch reefs, fringing reefs, pinnacle reefs, barrier reefs, and faros provide amazing diving experiences. The picturesque natural setting of green mangrove cayes and beautiful white sand cayes is in dramatic contrast to the surrounding crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef. English Caye, Rendezvous Caye, and Long Caye are part of the Belize Barrier Reef and are located near the Bluefield Range. Turneffe Atoll ecosystem is not far away from Bluefield. Its oceanscape is made up of salt water flats, creeks and lagoons. Vast expanses of sea grass and soft & hard corals provide habitat to numerous species including crocodiles, sea ginger, spiny lobster, queen conch, bonefish, tarpon, and variety of other species. Snorkeling is a fantastic combination and a breath of fresh air while exploring the blue mystery of the underwater. A night snorkel experience is a must do when in Belizean Bluefield Island. South Water Caye Marine Reserve is famous for night snorkel trips. Angel Reef, Whale Shoal, Carrie Bow and fisheries at Twin Cayes are a few of the options for night snorkeling. There are three offshore atolls that have some great snorkeling sites, including Glovers Reef Atoll, Lighthouse Atoll, and Turneffe Islands Atoll – all located within a short boat ride away from the Bluefield Range. If you miss the Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Atoll, you will miss what many diving enthusiast come to Belize for. This giant submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize known for its array of bizarre stalactites and limestone formations along with some amazing deep ocean species has much to offer in the way of mystery.

Tourist Attractions Nearby Bluefield Range: Beautiful white sandy beaches, rugged Maya Mountains, the lush jungles, art, music, cuisine and culture – all together make Belizean cities a great tourist attraction for visitors. Stann Creek can keep the most intrepid adventurer busy, and is a must for a true Belize experience. Along with Hopkins, Dangriga and the emerging Sittee River developments, Stann Creek is a must-visit area near the Bluefield Range. If you would love to do some snorkeling or diving, and wish to get beach-oriented relaxation, or maybe want to try some fishing, then go to Caye Caulker Marine Reserve. Once there, explore Caye Caulker Forest Reserve, Marine Reserve, Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary and The Split Beach all while in Caye Caulker. Do some shopping in Belize City, discover Mayan ruins at Caracol and Actun Tunichil, visit the archaeological site of Lamanai, make new friends at Belize Zoo, or go to Guanacaste National Park – there are so many things to do on board your private yacht, boat or catamaran charter from Bluefield Range.

Other Activities: Belizean cays are a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. All types of fishing can be experienced all year long. The lagoons and many cays feature various types of fish species including bonefish, permit, barracuda, grouper, snapper, jacks and barracuda, sailfish, marlin, bonito and pompano. The anchorage at Bluefield Range is a protected lagoon that offers a diversity of water activities. If you like to snorkel, there are large coral heads along with the rare opportunity to snorkel with the manatees. Kayakers and swimmers will enjoy exploring the lush mangroves of Bluefield where they will find manatees, dolphins, starfish, and many other marine species. Sailing offers you the ultimate opportunity to explore all that Bluefield Range has to offer on board your own private sailing yacht charter. Dining and shopping options are not available in Bluefield Range, but all the nearby cays have gourmet dining options. Some of the best budget-friendly restaurants in Caye Caulker include Chan’s Takeout (Pirate’s), Wish Willy’s, Marin’s, and Syd’s. Some of the eateries where you can try Belizean dishes in Turneffe Atoll include Annie's Pastries, Bambooze, Black Orchid, Casa Picasso, Cocina Caramba. Enjoy shopping while in Turneffe at some of its shopping destinations including D & G Fine Jewelry and Art, Belizean Arts, Caribbean Colors, Chan's Mini Mart, Cooper's Art Gallery and more. Belize City, Placencia, Ambergris Caye and Stann Creek also have great dining and shopping options.

Discover the beauty and adventure of Bluefield Range Island on a luxury yacht charter with us. Let our experienced yacht crew on board your own chartered vessel help you explore cayes, inlets, rivers, mangroves, diving sites and amazing destinations near Bluefield. To discover more about the type of yachts that you can charter here, click the Type of Yachts link provided here. To speak to one of our charter experts regarding your yachting vacation needs, call us at 702-401-4284 today!

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