Stann Creek

Stann Creek district is located on the south eastern part of Belize. This Belizean district is becoming an increasingly popular destination among visitors, since it offers the most diverse tourist experiences including beautiful white sandy beaches, rugged Mayan Mountains, lush jungles, Garifuna art, music, cuisine and culture. Stann comes from “stanns,” or safe haven as called by colonialists. Stann Creek district is divided into two parts: Dangriga city and two villages including Hope Creek and Sarawee; and the offshore islands (cayes), and Stann Creek West including Santa Cruz, Placencia and Independence. With an amazing selection of underwater adventurers and attractions, Stann Creek has plenty of things to do and see during your charter vacation.

Things to do and see in Stann Creek

Tourist Attractions: One of the most wonderful things about Stann Creek is that it offers so much to explore for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Start your outdoor excursion with Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a nature reserve that aims to protect the forests, fauna and watersheds. It is also considered a premier site for Jaguars. Cockscomb sanctuary has two basins: the West Basin is one of the main tributaries to the Monkey River, and the East Basin is hard to access due to trailheads and higher forest density. Head to Mayflower Bocawina National Park, where adventurous activities abound. Hike along moderate trails and waterfalls, climb up the 1,000-foot-high Antelope Falls, zipline across the park day or night and or simply enjoy the natural view and birds. If you're looking for some adrenaline pumping activities, try rappelling and then visit Bocawina National Forest. Climb down the two majestic waterfalls and swim in a natural pool located at the bottom of the falls. Dangriga is known as Belize’s Culture Capital, where the world-famous Punta Rock and Paranda music genres have evolved. Hopkins has a marvelous beach and a way laid back village. In Hopkins, enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, sun bathing and fine dining. Take a hike through the natural trails of Don Elijio National Park. Laughing Bird Caye National Park in Placencia is a favorite stopover for reef kayakers and a great place for enjoying a picnic. If you are a bird lover, you can see a few Laughing Gulls along with Osprey, Brown Pelican, Magnificent Frigate, and Herons in Laughing Bird Caye National Park. Enjoy horseback riding and explore the Outback Trails in Kendal.

Diving and Snorkeling: The opportunities for snorkeling are abundant around Stann Creek. Tropical watersheds, lagoons and lakes and the Caribbean Sea together provides a wealth of interesting marine habitats to explore. Tobacco Caye and South Water Caye are notable for their snorkeling and they are located right on the reef. You can snorkel right off the beach without any boat ride, and swim to explore the underwater world also. Eagle rays, barracuda and tarpon are present just off of the beach. For the real adventurous experience, go to South Water Caye Marine reserve area. This area has patch reefs, drop offs and wall dives. Diving this marine reserve will let you see scores of fish species, anemone, sea urchins, mackerel, barracuda, eels, gorgonia and sponges. Take a full day trip out to Glover's Reef atoll and another similar trip to Turneffe Islands Atoll, which is famous for the huge schools of fish, sharks, turtles and rays. Dive with whale sharks at Gladden Spit. For more adventurous diving experience, take your private boat to Great Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef and San Pedro town on Ambergris Caye.

Fishing and Other Activities: With both ocean and river fishing opportunities, Stann Creek is a fisherman's fantasy. If you want to give river fishing a try, then the estuaries and river mouths of the Stann Creek coastline are full of tarpon, black snapper, and snook. The lagoons and coral flats of the barrier reef offer great opportunities to catch bonefish, permit, and barracuda. The deeper waters of the reef and atolls are superb for catching sailfish, wahoo, tuna, mahi-mahi, bonito and marlin, just to name a few. Canoe and kayak adventurers will love Stann Creek's channels and lagoons. While canoing, you will get to see the spectacular waters full of fish and fauna in incredible diversity. Sea kayaking is ideal on the calm waters between the mainland and the Belize Barrier Reef. Stann Creek offers the best hiking and birding experience in Belize. Cockscomb sanctuary and Victoria Peak are the two most popular destinations for hikers and bird lovers. Beach combing in Hopkins is great. For a tropical island beach experience, head to the Southwater Caye beaches. With 11 miles of sandy peninsula and 3 miles of white sand beaches, Placencia is another great place to enjoy sun bathing or simply relaxing. Don't forget to take a cultural tour in Dangriga to learn more about this city's history, Garifuna arts, crafts and music.

Dining and Shopping: From the Caribbean, Stann Creek's dining scene has a variety of cuisines and is aimed to please. Some of the popular restaurants include Mojo Lounge & Bartique, Maya Beach Bistro, Dolce Vita, Radi's Fine Food, Chef Rob's Rumfish, Omar's Creole Grub, Swinging Armadillo, Loggerheads Pub & Grill, Fusion Beach, Tranquilo, Thongs Cafe, Above Grounds and more. Stann Creek has luxurious hotels, motels, resorts, villas and campsites. Stann Creek is home to some great shops and boutique stores such as Brodies, Fort Street Tourism Village, Image Factory, Mirab's and more. You can choose a variety of places to stay during your charter excursions. Some popular choices include Comfort Inn Hopkins, Jaguar Reef Lodge & Spa, Palmento Grove Cultural & Fishing Lodge, White Horse Guest House, Hopkins Bay Belize, and Palm Cove Cabins at Coconut Row among others.

Day Trips: South Water Caye and Placencia are perfect day trips from Hopkins or Dangriga. Hop on your private yacht or catamaran charter and take in the mesmerizing views of the Caribbean Sea and mangrove forests on your way to South Water Caye. Ambergris Caye is a favorite day trip location among savvy travelers. There is plenty to see and do in this San Pedro town – hiking, wildlife spotting, snorkeling, and diving. Goff's Caye is as tranquil as it is scenic. Take your private yacht to this beautiful caye and explore its dive sites. Other extended charter places include Lighthouse Reef, Blue Hole, Glover's Reef, and Turneffe Atoll among others.

With an amazing selection of water adventures and tourist attractions, Stann Creek is a wonderful place to spend a few days during your Belizean vacation. It is centrally located making it an ideal base to explore the rest of Belize too. At Yachts Belize, we provide luxury yacht charters to cruise around Stann Creek district including the South Water Caye, Placencia and more. We have different yacht rental options for your charter needs. So, whether you want to spend a family vacation, or wish to explore world-class diving spots, you can book one of our luxury yachts or catamarans at a competitive rate. To see Our Fleet of luxurious yachts, click on the link provided here. Then go to our Contacts page and provide us with your charter needs so that we can assist you in planning your Stann Creek and Belize charter excursion.

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